Monday, June 15, 2009

>The One Where Tulo Eats a Chocolate Cake

>There were many unfortunate events that happened yesterday.

It's unfortunate that I had to babysit at 5am and spend the majority of B's birthday doing just that.

It's unfortunate that B had to work on his birthday.

It's unfortunate that I made a birthday cake for B that ended up in Tulo's stomach.

It's unfortunate that we had to take both dogs to the Evet, assuming both had some chocolate cake and a toxic amount of cocoa powder in their systems, and that Butte had not in fact had one tiny taste of that cake.

It's unfortunate that Butte had to suffer just as hard as Tulo did, being injected with a serum to induce vomiting not once, but twice because the first time did not work.

It's unfortunate that the $130 I just made babysitting all day did not cover the entire cost of our trip to the Evet and that I had to spend it right away.

It's unfortunate that on B's birthday, he had to clean up Tulo's vomit at least 5 times at my parents house and that one of those times was literally projectile. Eww.

Despite all those unfortunate events, B, his mom and my brother's girlfriend were all able to celebrate their birthdays and the brownies my mom made in lu of us not having the chocolate cake that Tulo ate were really really good.

***Side Note: Tulo ate THE ENTIRE CAKE. There were 3 crumbs left. He broke the pan it was in, an awesome wedding gift I am sad to part with. He added this to his "What I have eaten resume" along with a 1/2 pound of raw meat.***

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