Friday, June 19, 2009

>Nothing But the Truth

>You are all so silly! I love seeing what you guys guessed. I think I was supposed to tell you how many true statements were there, but it just made it harder and more fun. Oh well. Here are the answers!

1) While playing a game, I pushed my brother off a dresser when he was 4 and he broke his arm.
TRUE! We were playing some kind of Sesame Street game and he was bugging me so I pushed him off the dresser. He fell and did break his arm.

2) I have never broken a bone.
TRUE! Unlike my brother, I have never broken a bone. Lets keep it that way.

3) B and I have both participated in a triathlon.
FALSE! Yeah right. Like I can run a 1/4 mile without

4) I learned to drive a stick shift before I graduated high school.
FALSE! I tried to, but just could not get the hang of it. I was a Sophomore in college when I finally learned.

5) B is allergic to fish, mushrooms, and milk.
TRUE and FALSE! Trick question people. Sorry. Yes, B is allergic to fish, but no on the mushrooms and milk. He just hates mushrooms and does love milk in his cereal.

6) B and I will find out what the sex of the baby is at 20 weeks.
FALSE! Not if I have anything to say about it. B wants to know, but I am dead set now on waiting.

7) Butte had puppies before we had her fixed.
FALSE! I wish. She was one of the cutest puppies ever and to see her have some would have been great.

8) I have no fear of swimming in the ocean.
TRUE! I know that might sound crazy. I LOVE swimming in the ocean. The only thing that scares me is when jellyfish are around. Nothing else bothers me.

9) My favorite color is yellow.

10) I have had 2 speeding tickets.
FALSE! I have not ever had one speeding ticket and I have only ever been pulled over once. I am so afraid of getting pulled over that I just don't really speed.

There you have it! Happy Friday.

Oh, PS. I have started to have NIGHT SICKNESS. No puking yet, just feeling terrible at night. YUCK!!

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