Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So Tired.

So Exhausted.

So Sleepy.

So Emotional.

So Irritable.

So Hungry.

So Annoyed.

So so.

This is me as of late. I am napping everyday. I can't go more than 4 or 5 hours without peeing. I can't go more than an hour without eating something (BTW, thanks for all the times about eating. I am no longer counting calories and am just eating when I am hungry. I have gained 3 pounds since last Monday!! :)) I find myself snapping at B for no logical reason and he is being so loving and easy with me. I pretty much realize my bitchyness right away and apologize and he always says, "It's okay Baby. Don't worry about it." Awww...Also I cry when others cry. It does not matter if I know them or they are on TV or it is on the phone. My water works are on full blast right now. Thank you hormones!

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