Friday, June 5, 2009

>Settling In

>This week as flown by! Today, we finally have the internet and cable hooked up. We spent yesterday morning organizing our office and the only thing left to do is hang pictures and decorate! The best part! B has spent the last few days building a TV stand for the TV so that all of our electronics can fit underneath it. The TV is on top of the fireplace and there was no room on either side for the DVD player, Game Cube, etc. 

My camera battery is charging as I type this and I hope to take pics over the weekend after we have hung some pictures and made the place look and feel more like home.

There really is nothing else to update on. This week has been busy with work and settling in here at our new home. The dogs are loving the views and fresh air from the windows. Our location is near everything and we feel so blessed to be able to live here! Have a great weekend!

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