Friday, June 19, 2009

>A Rollercoaster

>I have not had a crazier week in a long time. Here is the run down:

* Monday, while I was not actually at work, we said goodbye to a resident, someone drove through the fence, and there was a tornado warning (remember, we were in babies r us).

* Tuesday, nothing much other than being super tired and eating lots.

* Wednesday, had our housewarming party with some friends. I tried to go to bed early but everyone was just way too loud.

* Thursday, I was beyond exhausted from my lack of sleep due to the party. We celebrated my brother's girlfriend's birthday at a Mexican restaurant, where I was feeling sick as a dog, and then came home to watch Marley and Me, to which I cried like a baby and made scrambled eggs. It helped to settle my tummy.

* Friday, said goodbye to another resident. Called 911 twice. Once at work, once on our drive to Denver to see B's mom for dinner. Drunk driver, we presume, as he was swerving in and out of the lanes and nearly rearended us. At dinner, drank sprite, and drove my tipsy husband home.

We came home to the Arcade Fire performing on PBS! Could my night get any better!!?! No!!

Sweet Dreams.

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