Tuesday, June 9, 2009

>Home Sweet Home


I present to you, our wonderful abode! 

{tornado sky}

{our wonderful balcony that has a storage closet and enough room for people to sit and hang out}

{view from kitchen of living area. I was watching The Cider House Rules while the ticker on the bottom was warning me of tornados.}

{Tulo loves his new home!}

{view from front door of kitchen/dining area. i love how open this area is!}

{some lovely built in shelving for pictures and sentiments}

{our $20 garage sale find is the lovely table and chairs set. it works for now...}

{how amazing is this pantry?! this practically sold me on this place! so much room!!}

{view from hallway. laundry room on your left}

{the kitchen is great except for very minimal counter space...}

{our wedding shelf in the office/nursery}

{B works from home so it is hard for us to stay super organized when so much is going on}

{view from the doorway}

{1st bathroom/guest bath}

{master bath-not any bigger than the other bathroom but we like it}

{view from the bed. we have never had a tv in our room before and so far i like it.}

{our walk in closet!}

{my dresser}

{the whole master bedroom-HUGE! we love it!}

And that concludes the tour de mac. I hope you enjoyed!

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