Monday, June 8, 2009

>6 Weeks and 10 Months

>Today is a special day!

I am officially 6 weeks pregnant today! AND B and I have been married for 10 whole months!

The last 10 months has gone by so fast and even more quickly has been our honeymoon to moving to finding out we're having a baby! The last 2 months have been a whirlwind but I would not change it for the world!

According to Babycenter, our Baby Mac is starting to develop little black dots where the eyes and nose will be, indentions on the sides of the head for ears, and small nubs which will become the arms and legs! The heart is beating twice as fast as mine at 100 to 160 beats per minute and we are hoping that in two weeks we will get to hear that heart beat at our first appointment. :)

I am still feeling great. I just have to eat. One thing, mothers out there, is that I am so not eating enough! I thought I had been, but I counted my calories yesterday and barely had 1500 all day! I need at least 2000 but should be getting 2300. How the heck am I going to eat that much! I love food, but sometimes I am a little bird and just pick and eat here and there. Red meat is out of the question so I am going to make a chicken dish for dinner tonight with rice and veggies so that will hopefully put me up to where I should be after breakfast and lunch plus snacks today. I am worried though. I want to make sure I am eating enough for me and baby so should I have a protein shake for breakfast? I have lots of frozen fruit in the fridge....

B's birthday is this Sunday and he is so not a birthday person. It is just another day for him but this year he will be 25! So I am trying to be sneaky and make plans but he is really not on board with some of the ideas I have run past him. I know he will get over it and enjoy the day regardless. What a modest guy!

I have taken pictures of our apartment and will post those later tonight or tomorrow morning so look forward to that.

Have a great day! God Bless!!

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