Monday, June 22, 2009

>8 weeks

We saw this beautiful double rainbow on our drive home from Denver last night. You could see each rainbow end to end. It was incredible.

The entire weekend was amazing. I worked quite a bit last week, including Saturday, and when I got off we headed to B's dad's surprise 50th Birthday party. The party was great. There were so may family and friends and his dad was so surprised! He had no idea his fiance had planned this for him and the look on his face was priceless. Everyone who was able had an Irish Car Bomb as soon as he walked in the door and that kicked off the party. I was so tired by 9pm I just laid on the couch with my sis in law.

The next day we went to church with B's dad for Fathers Day and had lunch afterwards. We then went to pick up a beautiful antic cabinet from B's mom and there will be pics of that up here soon. We spent some more time with her at her new home. She has it all decorated and it finally feels like a home.

We spent the evening with my parents for dinner. B had a T bone, which he had been looking forward to almost more than our doctor's appointment today. Our time with my parents is always so nice. The boys started a movie and I eventually went to lay down I was so exhausted.

This morning, I woke up early, so excited for our first OB appointment and this is what we saw:

And the fastest little heart flickering on the screen!! We did not get to hear the heart beat, but it was clearly strong and healthy! I had an internal ultra sound and other than being uncomfortable, it went great. The doctor was great. He was so kind and easy to speak with. He answered all of our questions and eased some of my fears. The baby measured at 7w4d but my due date moved up to Feb 1st putting me at 8w2days today. Weird how that all works. Our next appointment will be in 4 weeks and that is when we will hear the heart beat. The only other great thing about today is that I do not have to work! It is beautiful outside and I plan to take a nap with the windows open here in a little while.

I will leave you with these pics I spiffed up on Have a great Monday!

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