Tuesday, June 2, 2009

>A New View

>As soon as I find my camera and charge the battery (and unpack and get rid of all the boxes and trash everywhere) I will post pics of our new home. It is perfect. We are so happy waking up with the doggies (a whole hour earlier now that they are not shielded from the sun coming up), reading by the natural light, building a TV stand, decorating, putting every single thing we have had for almost a year in the perfect spot, and sleeping with the windows open.


The move went really well. We were not able to rent a big truck as they were all out and so we had to use my car, B's truck, my bestie's truck and MIL's SUV. In total we made about 5 trips each way and it took all day. We even had a few things left we had to get the next day before our walk through. But overall, it was great.

Moving to the third floor was soooo not fun but is soooo worth it! I had my bro helping us and it was great to have some extra strong arms for all the heavy furnature. My lovely mother came over on Monday to help us unpack and we got a TON done. It was great! But I am soooo exhausted!! I have not hung pictures yet, but have places in mind for certain ones. I have not run our dishwasher yet, but have several dishes finding a spot in there. Did you hear that?? We have a dishwasher!! I am no longer the dishwasher!! Sure there are things I will need to hand wash but still, this is just great!!

Having a three day weekend to get settled was a HUGE blessing. I was going to bed at 9 I was so tired from the day's activities. There will be more soon, but this is it for now. I hope you are all having a great week so far!

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