Friday, May 29, 2009

>291 Days

>Waaayyyy back when I first started blogging, I wrote a post about our married life, 36 days in. While reading, I thought it would be fun to do that again. I see that not much has changed, but here is a run down:

At 36 days, we had not yet had our first big fight (and I mean EVER...we are that good). Now I can say we have had at least 3 big fights that had me in tears and him in a fit of anger to end...well, how most fights end. ;)

We have had some great family get togethers: Thanksgiving when his dad proposed to his girlfriend, Christmas with my fam in Denver, New Years week for his bro's wedding (which meant I got the best SIL EVER!!), Lent (I gave up alcohol and B enjoyed more since I was DDing....), Easter with B's mom in her house before she moved, Mother's Day in Denver and up here. Lovely. I love our families and I love how close we all are.

We took our official honeymoon last month and can't believe it has already been a month. We did not fight or argue while there and traveling by plane for the first time together was wonderful.

Household stuff...

I still do about 2 loads of laundry a week. If I stay on top of it, then that is all I really need to do and starting tomorrow, we will no longer need to share one!! Also, B still has no part in this chore as he "hates it with a dying passion". Okay then, let's let the man live!

The TV is rarely an issue. I will watch important games with him (go Nuggets!) and jump around on the Internet and maybe watch some tv online, but regardless, we are together doing whatever. Don't tell him, but B enjoys watching Gilmore Girls with me. I even get to hear a laugh from him every once in awhile.

Chores in general are always up and down. Sometimes he is way on top of things and sometimes he's not and that is when I get frustrated and we have fights. He just hates doing anything like that, but loves to mow the lawn. Great, except what am I going to do now that we won't have a lawn to mow??

Our schedules are much more alike now. There might only be one or two days a week where we won't see much of each other during the day but it works out. We need alone time sometimes. I just can't wait to have natural light to read by!

The dogs make us most happy and taking them to the park or the pond make us laugh more than we do alone. They are our best friends and we love them so much. Tulo has totally turned into a mama's boy and I think B thinks that is really "cute". Tulo grew up with B so I was not around constantly until he was one. I think the fact that we live in a very dog-friendly town helps.

That is about it! We agree to disagree and try to work things out in the moment so that we can enjoy the rest of our day peacefully. Since I have been having some issues with my anxiety lately, B has been so sweet and loving. I love him more every day and thank God that he is mine.

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