Thursday, July 30, 2009

>Baby Thumpin with a Side of Giggles


Even though this blog is a personal journal for me that I chose to share with all of you, I am hesitant to write too much about the really personal stuff going on. I am not worried out mentioning the fact that B needs to find a job and prayers would be appreciated, but I am careful with the details. It's not fun holding back certain thoughts, but I do feel very inclined to protect the ones I love and to maintain my integrity. It is never my intention to hurt or offend anyone so I do what I an in my writing to keep it tame. All this to say...


A few weeks ago, a new landscaping company started working on the outside of my workplace. Everyone was so impressed with their work and attitude and could not stop raving about how happy they were for hiring this company to make our grounds look beautiful. I talked to one of the supervisors and he mentioned that they were hiring. I told B about it and he sent an application that day. A few days later he had an interview. We had not heard anything for almost a week so when I saw that same supervisor at work a few days ago I mentioned that B had had an interview the week prior and he said he would give him a call. Second interview was yesterday. Third interview with the big guns was today AND a lovely job offer! B happily accepted and we went out for dinner to celebrate!! I cannot even express here how happy I am! Thank you to everyone who shot up a prayer. I feel so good about this position for him. It is not going to be his life long job, but it works for now which is exactly what we needed. YAY!


Baby Mac did a tap dance for me tonight while I was enjoying some mandarin orange cream ice cream from the best local ice cream joint in town!! I freaked out! I had a mouth full and could not get words out to tell B so I just "MMMMM"ed and pointed to my belly. So my orange cream craving is a good thing! I can't wait to feel more of my baby!


So over at Kelly's Korner is the Show Us Your Life circus and here I am, partaking. I have not been very good at posting (or taking) pictures so feast your eyes! Last weeks was your wedding dress and this week is the wedding party. So I will post them all. Enjoy!!

My lovely dress! I took my MOH with me to dry on dresses the first time and this was the 3rd dress I tried on and I knew instantly it was THE dress. Short train. Fitted. Empire Waist with beading. PERFECT!!

My MIL made my vail. I picked out the fabric and it was done in 10 minutes! I love this vail and will save it forever.

The groomsmen! Looking so hot! We each had 6 attendants with one ring bearer and one flower girl. The men wore Cubavera shirts in a sage green color with khaki colored slacks. I tried to talk them into wearing brown sandals but they refused!

My sexy bridesmaids! They wore Victorian lilac dresses in different styles.

Me and my bestie MOH. Love this girl to death. She was my roomie in college and was the best MOH I could have asked for.

There you have it! Have a great weekend!

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