Wednesday, July 15, 2009

>To Poop or Pop

My dear cousin Heidi first read the "milestones" comment as "pooping" and not "popping" out. I laughed so hard I scared the dogs. The funny part is that I am hoping that too will be a milestone too. TMI warning: it's not easy and if you have ever been pregnant then you know what I am talking about. I am trying to eat as much fiber as I can, but I also think my prenatal vitamin makes it worse. What do you think? I just wish all those gas pains were the baby's movements! It would make the whole process so much more interesting.


My husband is amazing. A few weeks ago we went to the mall and since out jeweler closed, I wanted to take my wedding ring to a different jeweler to have my ring cleaned. We took it into Zales and they happily offered to clean both our rings for free. Before cleaning, they always check the prongs for looseness. Nearly all my prongs needed to be adjusted so they could not clean my ring. Because we did not purchase my ring at Zales, they would have to charge us $25 per prong. We have a lifetime warranty for my ring and our closest jeweler is 30 minutes from here. I forgot about the ordeal and figured next time we headed to Denver we could get it looked at. Welllllllllllll today B stopped by my work and picked up my ring to take it into our jeweler. I was SO happy he remembered to do that! B is not very good at remember to take care of things like that (like the DAMN VACUUM I asked him to fix almost 2 WEEKS ago!!!). But the ring is more important. Now I just feel super naked without it.


I went grocery shopping tonight at a small organic store that just opened up not too far from where we live. Have you heard of Sprouts? There are a few stores in other states. It is kind of like Whole Foods but has been around WAYYY longer. I was SO impressed! I was able to get several organic produce items, a rib eye steak, two fresh-baked loaves of bread, and spaghetti sauce for LESS than $50!! I will defiantly be going back.

Lots of random things this tonight. Things are going really well and no complaints yet. Hope everyone else is having a great hump day!

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