Monday, July 27, 2009

>13 Weeks

(baby love. B snapped the second shot when I was not paying attention...)

How far along? 13 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Still only three pounds.
Maternity clothes? Just work pants so far.

Stretch marks? nada

Sleep: Sleeping okay. Starting to have limps fall asleep so I got a much needed adjustment.

Best moment this week: B and I had a great date night last week.

Movement: Nada, still waiting!!

Food cravings:Olathe Corn!!! OMG...boiling some now!

Gender: still don't know but I am really feeling like it's a girl!

Labor Signs: no way.

Belly Button in or out? in

What I miss: Having regular bowel movements. Seriously, people, the suckiest part of pregnancy so far.

What I am looking forward to: Feeling movements.

Weekly Wisdom: Going to the movies by yourself is so liberating!

Milestones: Nothing too different this week...

So yay! Baby Mac is just growing away! I am waiting to hear from my regular doctor (not ob doc) about getting a Swine Flu vaccine. My parents, and I, are just a bit worried about it. I know the media is making a huge deal over it, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I have to get a regular flu vaccine anyway. This has also started to change how I feel about vaccinating my baby. Before I was very weary about doing that. But I vaccine myself, even with new vaccines. I got the Gardisil vaccine 2 years ago. Whooping cough and Meningitis a few years ago. If i am willing to protect myself, I should be willing to protect my baby. What I am going to look into is spacing the vaccines so that baby is not getting more than 2 at a time with 2 weeks time, at a minimum, between those shots. Babies get twice as many vaccines now than when we were babies. This is my way of compromising.
What are your thoughts and feelings on vaccinating your baby?

Today B and I had one of the best days we have had together in a long time. We were up early, I made chocolate chip pancakes, B showered, I dressed and then we left the house with a mission. I headed to a local high school to drop off some items for my exchange student who is arriving in only 2 weeks (GASP!). Then we headed south to Longmont to pick up my ring. It is FINALLY done and looking better then ever! I visited my chiropractor and had a great adjustment! My hips are back in line and feeling great again! We then spontaneously decided to head to Boulder for lunch. We drove up to Pearl Street and ate at a great pub-like restaurant. We walked around, hand in hand, and just spent quality time together that we are so not getting by watching tv together. It was bliss!! B promised to take me out once a week now. I think we are both starting to realize this alone time is not going to be around too much longer, even though we will welcome our 3rd wheel with open arms! We are not going to be able to take a baby moon before the baby comes so we will have weekly dates out to spend time together.

My heart is still really heavy and sad for Stellan right now. I never realized someone could touch me so much without having met them, until I started to blog. There are a few of you I CAN'T wait to meet someday. Baby Stellan is a true miracle baby and has showed me what it means to live, no matter how hard a time he is having right now. I will think of him when I complain about finances and my achy back.

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