Wednesday, July 8, 2009

>Spotting Scare

I sooooo did not want to start today the way I did. I woke up at 6:15 to get ready for work. Peed and almost flushed when I noticed something I should not be seeing: some spotting. Then I flushed, straightened my hair and sat next to B on the bed. I carefully told him I was spotting and that I needed to go to the doctor this morning. I called my boss and lost it. I knew spotting was normal in the first 6 weeks or so, but not so much at 10 weeks.
My appointment was set for 9:30 so we waited. I ate breakfast, watched Twilight, and slept a little more. We were taken right in once we arrived at our doctor, stripped, and waited again. Doc came in, did a pelvic and saw the slight blood tracings. "Nothing too serious," he says. "Lets take a look at your baby."
I did not even notice the uncomfortable wand this time. I just wanted to see that flutter and some movement and we were more appeased by our little one. The heart was beating fast and steady and it was moving around so much the doc had some trouble taking a good enough pic to measure.

Look at that difference! I can't believe how much our baby has grown in two weeks!! The head is on the left and an elbow or arm is pointing straight up. My heart warmed again and we were both so happy to see that everything was just as it should be, minus the spotting. Baby measured at 9w3d, about 6 days behind right now. That is so relative though. My cycle was never 28 days. Doc had no real explanation for the spotting. Even though it was not the cause, he asked that we refrain from the bedroom hop for a few days. Poor B.
Since this morning, the traces have gone away (PTL!!!). I am trying to lay low and try not to stress out and worry too much. Things are a little hectic around here and I am having a hard time removing myself from the mediocre situations. This is my reasoning for the spotting: too much anxiety and stress.
Prayers are always welcome. I hope you are all doing well.

Oh and PS: I have never and will never try RMOs. Never. EEwww.

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