Wednesday, July 1, 2009

>Butte and Tulo 101


In case you were wondering, and even if you weren't, here is a little T & B history lesson for you. These two fur-babies are our joy in life and before they get a new sister or brother, they deserve a proper post all about them. For example, Butte would love that this post is all about her and Tulo could care less. In fact, he would rather I just talk about Butte and leave him out of the picture. Oh but wait, that fellow is quite the kidder. While he leads us to think he does not mind that Butte is our princess, he is soooooo jealous when it is all about her. He cannot stand it for one single second.

Butte came first. My dad woke me up at 9am to say we were going down to Boulder to get a puppy. He had seen one online he really liked and wanted me to check her out so we all piled in the car and headed to the humane society. When we got there, we found out the puppy my dad had seen online had two other people waiting to adopt her. So we looked around and saw our Butte with her brother playing with a rag. She was so cute and sweet. We took her out and played with her. She was a birthday present for me after my summer on the Jersey Shore. She was the sweetest puppy and quite the handful. I fell in love the moment I held her at the humane society and she melted my parents hearts quickly.
As a puppy she:
*would scoop up food into her mouth from her bowl in the bathroom and run into the living room, all while flinging food out of her mouth onto the wood floor. Then she went back and ate the flung food one by by one as she made her way back to her bowl to repeat the cycle.
*slept in bed with me with her head resting on my neck. She hates being under the covers and no longer sleeps on the bed.
*was afraid of the cat. She would run and hide between my legs. The funny part? The cat was afraid of her. We had to use a baby gate to seclude the cat into my parents room and the laundry room where her food and cat box where for months.
*loved, and still loves, the snow. Watching her hop like a bunny through 3 feet of snow was quite possibly the cutest thing she has ever done.

*destroyed this bed within the first four months of owning it. We quickly discovered that there was no toy this puppy could not destroy. Red kongs did not have a chance. It was the black ones that stuck around and now, she does not destroy anything but baseballs.

Now Tulo, our second child. He was a miracle purchase. B had expressed to me how much he had always wanted to own a Greyhound and so I would check craigslist on and off for puppies. I also did some research on retired Greyhounds, thinking and hearing from everyone that adopting a puppy was next to impossible. Well, imagine my surprise when one October evening I came across an ad on craigslist for a Greyhound PUPPY!! I immediately called the listed number and made plans to meet with the owner the next day. My next call was to B, telling him that I had a HUGE surprise for him. The next day one our way to the house I told B what we were up to and he was thrilled. When we got there, the lady actually had 10 puppies, but could not advertise it as such. We played with each of them and met the parents. The father did not have papers so while Tulo is a purebred Greyhound, he has no papers to prove it, but we didn't care. B instantly became attached to who would be Tulo. I was leaning towards an all white puppy, a female. But this was B's choice, not mine. We paid up and took Mr. Tulo home!

He fit into our family very quickly. He is very lazy, does not play fetch, can run as fast as a Greyhound should and Butte can keep up with him. He has several nicknames: Tutu, T-Dog, T-Payne, TT, Poop-low, Puke-low. Those last two are self-explained. Tulo hates the rain. He learned how to swim on our after-wedding honeymoon. He can eat anything. He whines when Butte is gone too long. He is a great guard dog. And he is just the best male dog I have ever known.
We love both of our dogs so much and we could not ask for better dogs. I know they will both be wonderful with a baby. They love children and Tulo is so sweet and gives kisses.

Do you have pets? What do you love most about them?

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