Sunday, July 5, 2009

>Annoyed, yet Satisfied

>What I'm annoyed with:

1) I am very sad that MJ, pop prince, left this earth 30 years too early. I am glad everyone else is also mourning this iconic loss. What I am not happy about is how people, aka the media, will not leave him and his family alone. Let the man rest in peace! Who cares about whether or not his kids are biologically his? Who cares about the rehearsal footage? Who cares about what drugs he was on? None of that stuff will bring him back. I just wish people would leave it alone. And that he was having a peaceful, private, ceremony to celebrate his life. I do, however, realize that he is going out in style with such a massive funeral on Tuesday, something which I am sure he is doing the moon walk over. But all the other stuff is just too much. I am tired of hearing about all of it because when people die, I want to say my peace, pray, and let that person rest in peace.

2) Everyone's pregnancy advice: If I want it, which you have seen, I will ask for it. No one here is giving me unsolicited advice and I like it that way. What I don't like is someone asking me if I am going to have a natural birth or not, and when I tell them I have the worst pain tolerance of anyone I know and that most likely, an epi will be necessary, that they instantly scoff and judge. Back the eff off! This is not about you people. (again, not directed to anyone here, just venting)

What I am satisfied with:

1) Our modest lifestyle: we no longer go out to eat or shop or go to the movies. I love doing all those things, but not being able to do them has brought us closer together, showed us we have a pretty decent movie collection, and that the doggies just love it when we are home to throw the ball or snuggle. All things which are priceless.

2) My church: really, our church. B loves it. He was raised catholic and we tried out a few churches in town before settling with my church that I have been a member of for nearly 10 years. I have always loved my church and the pastors and their messages and the people. Today, we really felt like our church is a home and a place we can't live without. More people are starting to learn of our Baby Mac on the way and are beyond excited for us. Our paster knows us by name and has even mentioned our famous lightening bolt picture in a sermon. I could not ask for a better support system of people all seeking the same thing: the love and comfort of Jesus Christ.

3) All of you: I have not yet said "thank you" to those of you who have just been there from the beginning, offering all your advice when I have asked for it, who have given encouraging words and great laughs. This community has been a great outlet for me, not just as a place for me to keep a journal of our first years married, but as a place to build a support system of pen pals, if you will. Thank you, to each and every one of you who comment, make me smile, laugh and even cry sometimes. You're all lovely and I hope we meet and hug someday. :)

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