Friday, July 3, 2009

>This Whole Pregnancy Thing...

So weird. Being pregnant is nothing like I imagined it would be for me. For one, I have never been so bloated in my life. This is worse that drinking three beers on an empty stomach WHILE on your period. Yesterday, I was so bloated that when I stretched, I could feel my stomach protesting. The stretching was just not going to happen. While the bloat gives me a cute little tummy, it's not really the pregnancy belly--yet. And no that note, I cannot wait to have a belly to show off. Before I was ever pregnant I could imagine myself with a belly and it made me so excited to think about.
Yesterday, at 9w3d and nearly 2 and a half months pregnant, I felt our little Baby Mac bump up into my abdomen! It was the COOLEST feeling ever and now I have been trying to lay really still to see if I will feel it again. Another thing I can't wait for. :)
Biggest shocker?? I am not sick. I know this is a blessing and I thank Jesus everyday for not kneeling to the porcelain gods multiple times a day. A week or so before we found out we were expecting, I asked my mom if she was sick when she was pregnant with me or my brother and she said no. That surprised me and in the coming weeks, I waited for that dreaded smell of something to have me dashing to the toilet. But no. I always thought I would be like one of my good girlfriends who could not drive by a fast food place without leaning out the window. And that is how pregnancy is always depicted in movies and on TV. I just assumed I would be one of those girls. And here I am, nearly 10 weeks pregnant with only a few moments of truly feeling ill and pregnant at the same time. Again, I am sooooo glad I am not sick. I am a total baby when I get sick and would probably not be able to work which would just kill us right now.
I also don't have any really distinct cravings. The last few days I have been loving cheese with mustard, but it is not necessarily a craving, just something I like.


In non baby news, tomorrow is my most favorite holiday of the year. I love fireworks and BBQ and family gatherings. Tomorrow also just so happens to be my grandmother's 75th birthday and my parents are having a HUGE party for her. All of our family from Denver and out of state will be visiting and we can't wait to show off the little bump I do have and see everyone. I wish you all a happy weekend and NO RAIN! :)

**Coming soon: my alias dilemma. I have kept our names under-wraps here and will want to tell you the name of our baby. So what do I do??

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