Monday, July 6, 2009

>10 Weeks

Growing right along!

People are starting to notice at work and I just can't wait until it is VERY obvious that I have not just eaten one too many burritos. This week, Baby Mac is bigger than a quarter and about the size of a kumquat (huh? what's that??). I feel that 10 weeks is a HUGE milestone for us. The first 8 weeks are so critical and I am so glad that we are only 2 weeks away from the end of our first trimester! What else is "shim" up to?? Well, it's learned to swallow fluid and kick, though I am not really feeling any of that yet. Small hairs are starting to spike up on the skin and all limbs can now bend and flex. See how big the baby is in my fake uterus to the right?? SO COOL!!

In other news, our 4th was great, aside from rain and me being super tired. We spent the day with family from out of state, took a nap, and had a really nice meal.
Quick Trivia Question ONLY for those of you who DO NOT live in or are from Colorado:
Do you know what a Rocky Mountain Oyster is? Leave your answer in the comments and I will see who the winner is tomorrow.
We missed fireworks because of the rain and I was to tired to go see them. Sunday was a super lazy day and today I started a new shift at work that seems to be going really well so far. Overall, things are going okay. Please pray for my friend Elin. She just had a baby girl on Thursday and she needs heart surgery out of state. Thank you!!

Oh and about the alias dilemma: Hi, My name is Sarah and that is all you're going to get. I am keeping B, B because that is what he wants and my husbands wishes are most important. :)

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