Tuesday, July 7, 2009

>Rocky Mountain Oysters

MMMMmmm looks tasty, huh? Kinda like breaded chicken. But the truth??
Well, the whole "oyster" part of the name is very deceiving. No part of this meal has anything even close to seafood in it. So, for those of you saying you were not really into seafood, well, no worries there.

So, what are Rocky Mountain Oysters?
A Colorado delicacy.
Comes from buffalo.
Deep fried (usually, not always).


I am so not joking. People actually eat this stuff. My brother likes it. Someone I work with said it tastes like liver and that she likes it. (who eats liver!?) Okay, so why did this little trivia question pop up in my post yesterday?

Well, it has to do with my grandmother's birthday. We had dinner at a new restaurant on a golf course near my parents house and it had really yummy food like Ruben's, Pasta dishes, wraps, salads, and big game dishes. Two people who joined us for the occasion were my grandmother's brother and sister from out of state. Her brother used to live in CO and knew all about Rocky Mountain Oysters. His older sis (from out of state) had no idea. So when she read the menu options, she exclaimed to her brother how much she loves oysters and how few restaurants serve oysters anymore (she's 81). Her lovely little brother played along all coy and encouraged her to order some Rocky Mountain Oysters. When the sever came to take her order, shock spread over her face as this frail old woman ordered bull testicles. She looked at her and asked her if she knew what RMOs were. When my great aunt found out what a true RMO was, she about had a heart attack and so did her brother, from laughing so hard he nearly tipped his chair over. I was sitting right next to my great aunt and heard the whole thing and could not stop myself from laughing. It was the meanest, yet funniest thing I had ever seen my great uncle pull on his big sis. It made me so happy to see two siblings still playing along with each other even in their 80s. My great aunt punched him in the leg and laughed it off.
So that is why I brought it up. Because that is one of the best things I have seen in a very long time.

Now, are you hungry???

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