Friday, July 24, 2009

>My Name is Sarah, and I am a Hanson Fan.

(so hawt!!)

First off, a lovely shout out to my fellow Hanson buddy Clare! Of course I did not forget you girl! How can I contact you??

Next, thank you to those ladies who left such sweet words. Though we are not face friends you touched my heart. I feel much better!

Speaking of Hanson, they are coming back to Denver!! If you have not yet heard, I am a HUGE Hanson fan and damn proud of it. You can check out my post about their show I went to last November here. Anyway, I found out at the beginning of the month that they were coming to Denver even though they had not yet announced their tour. Just one of the lovely perks of having a bestie in the radio biz. FINALLY I noticed today the official date is November 3. I will be about 6.5 months pregnant and I DONT CARE! I am going to that show if it is the last thing I do before our kido comes. Today on my way to work I was thinking of cute things I could say on a maternity shirt. I am going to make something cute for the show.

Tonight I am going to see The Ugly Truth by myself. I love this whole going on a date with myself thing. It is fun!

Have a great weekend!!

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