Monday, January 19, 2009

>Lonely Wife, Here

>Is it shameful that, while my husband is working hard to pay the bills, I am at home watching a chain of television shows that are meaningless and mind-draining? Uh...I feel so lonely without B here, even if we were still watching the same shows. Still, I hate when I have a three day weekend and he has to work each one of those days. That is the end of my vent. Short and sweet.

I worked out today and it was great, thanks to Ellen! She was on at 3, as always, and I elipticalled (lol) a whole 25 minutes without stopping! I know for some of you that might sound not so great, but if you knew how hard it is to get me to the gym, you would be dancing right along with Ellen. Oh yeah.

And that's all for now.

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