Friday, January 9, 2009

>We were told to procreate and now that I'm married, we should.

>After careful prayer and thought, B and I have decided to read the Bible in one year. There are several links on line that help guide you through the process and you read a little bit each day from three different books. This morning we started with Luke, Genesis, and Psalms. Let me just say that already, it feels like something we should have been doing together a long time ago. B has been a lot more open lately about his feelings on spirituality, which is HUGE, and so he watched The Last Temptation of Christ and really enjoyed it. It is not that B is not a Christian or anything like that, because he is. He was raised Catholic and I was raised Methodist and the dynamics of both are very different, even though the basis is the same. Methodists are very open and welcoming of all people, regardless of age, sex, race, sexual orientation, or spiritual background. Catholics just have more rules, which is something I am getting used to. However, despite those differences, we have a common ground in our marriage and a clear understanding as to how we want our household to run spiritually. I am learning the Rosary and prayers that are special to Catholics, and B is enjoying the lackadaisical side of Methodism.
The feeling of peace and comfort I have knowing that my husband loves his Savior as much as I do is one of the greatest rewards a wife can feel. Best part is: we've only been married 5 months! Now we both feel that reading the Bible and praying together will give us the most perfect foundation for our household when we bring new life into it later on down the road (and yes, H, MUCH a year. lol). AMEN!

On a lighter note and super tangent, I was the victim of a true rumor. I avoided these at all costs while in school and it did me good. Little did I know the worst kind of rumor would be spread by my own family! And when I say worst, it really is not bad. But it would be under different circumstances. Anyway, on New Years Eve I was not feeling well. I had the head ache and nausea and dizziness that comes with being pregnant, aka hormones. I thought nothing of it, but relayed this on a post on Facebook and H texted me right away:
"Are you pregnant!?"
"Um...No". So then I counted days... "Hum...I don't know, actually." Weird, I never, and I mean NEVER lose track of my body. Ever. And here I was, almost becoming the pregnant lady that does not know she is prego until the kid pops out. WTF?!
So then she proceeded to beg me to take a test and I was busy packing for our wedding weekend so I put it off and did not tell hubs anything until the next day. But back up to me and H texting and then my mother in law calling and asking how I am feeling (how she found out I was feeling yucky is beyond me...). I tell her that yeah, a couple girls have had a tummy bug at work, but that I had not been around them much and finally she asks me, "Do you think you're pregnant?" GAWWWW!! Seriously?? "No...I am not." So that led to B and I need to drive separately to NM so that I would not get Kyle sick if in fact it was just sick (which I was! that was just all it amounted to...).
Kyle must have told Martha that I was not feeling well and she then started to text me and ask me what was going on and in turn most likely was the one to tell her sisters who, when we walked in the door upon our arrival after a 7 hour drive, pulled me aside and gave me that keen smile and nod saying "so, what do you think?" to which I reply, "I think I don't know how you know what is going on and no, I am not pregos."
Long story long, (yes, not intended though, sorry) I stopped all rumors the next day when it was confirmed that no, I was not prego but none other than mother nature herself. Thank You very much.
The moral of this story is: Do not tell ANYONE within a 500 mile radius who knows you that you feel ill of symptoms similar to pregnancy. Better luck next time!

'Night, loves.

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