Saturday, January 10, 2009

>The Dawn of Twilight: Mom Style

My mother has *gasp* finally been bitten by Twilight and I am beside myself with joy. I have been begging her to read the series ever since I finished the first three books last summer and even still, this summer after Breaking Dawn came out. We will go see the movie once she is finished, which should be this week sometime. Seriously, if you have not read it yet, get off your arse and get to it! Do you like love stories? Do you like suspence? Do you like chemistry between two people who really should not be into each other? Well....what the eff are you waiting for!?

In other news, I will be creating another blog soon. It will cover the journey B and I will be taking to write a children's book series. Are you thinking what I'm thinking, that we have A LOT going on right now? Weird, I guess it is just how we role.

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