Friday, January 30, 2009

>1. Sleep: I have not slept good for three nights. Now I have a headache and fear I will get sick if something does not change.

2. Family: It has been over a month now since I have talked to my brother. I know I have not said anything on here at the situation and I still won't, but pray for forgiveness, understanding and strength. It's starting to hurt more.

I am going to a hockey game tonight with my dad, thanks to B! His boss gave him extra tickets and B will be working the camera so I get to go to work with B! Can't wait.

My in-laws are amazing. My mother in law is easily one of my most favorite people and so loving. My father in law is so kind and smart. Him and his fiance got us a time share in Cabo and yesterday we bought our airfare so Cabo, here we come!! We can't wait.

3. Doggies: The best. I love them so much and Tulo has just been a little lover! He finally respects me and sees me as one of his masters. He used to ignore me whenever I tried to call him or punish him. He usually has an iron stomach, but apparently sugar cookies are his weakness. B accidently left them out on the kitchen table and Tulo ate more than a dozen. He has been paying for it the last two days. Poor guy! Butte is wonderful as always and can't wait to spend the evening with my mom while we're gone.

Time for a nap. Sorry this is so dull today. Blame the lack of sleep.

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