Saturday, January 31, 2009

>Whatever happend to red fire engines?

>YUCK! My last post was so boring. I am so sorry and will just refrain from writing unless I know for sure it will be something work commenting on.

On Thursday night, hubs and his bromance Brad played beer pong at a country bar in town. It was by far the most entertainment I have seen with those two. Not only are they just bad ass in general, but they swept every team there! Their team name is "In One Ear and Our Her Mother". It makes no sense and that is why it is so funny! They won $100 bucks!! Talk about a worth while evening.

Friday night I finally had a great nights sleep and continued to sleep half of today away until I had to come into work. It was wonderful. I feel a little under the weather, but think it just might be my body trying to catch up on sleep. I took a shower and it really helped me wake up and had enough energy to paint my nails fire engine red (although, I have not seen a red fire engine in a long time). It should be called "Dirty Sexy Money" like the TV show, that I have never seen.

The superbowl is tomorrow and I have to work. Don't fret, my loves, I will still be able to watch the game and have some fun (minus the alcohol). I won't have to wear my uniform, which is a HUGE plus and I love everyone who lives here so no complaints there.

I know I said this in the last post, but we have our Cabo tickets and I am so thrilled! We can't wait to get out of the country and sit on a beach and drink margs. Ahhh the life! Less than three months. I think I will go find one of those ticker things so you can live vicariously through me. HA!

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