Thursday, January 22, 2009

>Big Boy Tulo

Like baby blogs, I need to update you on my children, Butte and Tulo. However, tonight I am going to focus on Tulo. He had a vet visit yesterday to have a check up and get his rabies and distemper shots. First of all, he has no fear of this place that he has been to a hand full of times. Butte, remembers the vet better than any other place and starts retreating the moment she jumps out of the car and lands on the gravel. She must smell all the doggie markings everywhere. Tulo, on the other hand, just wants to go inside to see if he can find any treats.

As we open the door, the house cat is sitting on the bench and I really don't think there is another dog out there that loves cats more than Tulo does. He would love more than anything to have his own kitten for Christmas, but B is far from a cat person and I hate cleaning the litter box. He went right up to the huge cat, who sat their gracefully, and gave big kisses. Bigger kisses than Mr. Cat was expecting and decided to tear off behind the counter to safety.

Tulo walked right up onto the scale and weighs a perfect (vet's words!) 67 pounds. Where he keeps all that, I don't know. We were then shuffled into the waiting room. B and I messed around and tried to get him to sit up for treats. This is a feat that is still, well, a feat to say the least. I am not sure if it is because he is just so oddly shaped and his weight is distributed in weird places that he has no sense of balance. Maybe he will get it someday. Either way, he loved all the one on one attention (we left Butte at home).

Before the vet came in, we tried to see if he could jump up onto the table. It was about 3 1/3-4 feet tall (taller than him, barely) and he hopped right up there without a running start or anything! Mama so proud!

The visit went great! We learned all about how greyhounds are vet students best friends because they are thin-skinned. Tulo was able to show off several scars and one recent wound, just a display of how rough he and Butte really play together. He was impressed, to say the least, and he things Tulo is a great dog.

We had a positive report and just love our T dog so much!!

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