Saturday, January 24, 2009

>Shopping 101

>Today was the best grocery shopping trip yet! B and I are loyal to a store down the street from us (literally) and they offer great savings as memebers. No, it is not Sam's. If we bought in bulk, everything would spoil. Anyway, I went alone today. B is really good at making sure we get the best deal and, last time, we only saved 15% on our purchase. He (we) strive for at least 20% in savings, of course.

Anyway, the store was rockin' with 10 for 10 this and 10 for 10 that. I got 6 bags of shredded cheese for $9!! Amazing.

After using coupons and our membership card, the total came to $77. I was a little bummed, as I was aiming for a $50 budget. Oh well.

Then I looked at the recepit and I saved 28%! Awesome!

So, we have a fully stocked kitchen and two happy people to cook in it. YAY!

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