Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Almost Accident

>Re-posted from my other blog, My Inner Monologue:

Today we decided to head to Denver to find our "new to us" car. We had a pretty good idea of where we were going but did not in fact do our proper homework on the dealer and after reading several bad reviews online via my 3G Droid we decided otherwise. And "otherwise" was nothing. We had no plan. All this chaos had me in a flighty tizzy. But we managed and decided to head home. B had been driving around most of the day so I offered to drive us home. We were on the highway going about 80MPH. All of a sudden cars in front of me were screeching to a halt. Not like I have ever seen before, either. I mean cars were veering to the median to avoid one another and we were thisclose to being in a serious car accident not once, not twice but THREE TIMES!! And for what? I kept trying to see if there was an accident up ahead or a stalled car in the right lane. Nothing. It was not until a few miles later on and several continued stop and gos did we finally see WHO was causing this near-deadly accident. It was an old man. He was barely driving 40MPH. I wanted to call 911 right then and there to get him off the road but my heart was still beating out of my chest and I was still swearing all kinds of horrible words in my mind. I was panicking. I'm still panicking. My heart is still racing. My chest is still tight and I am still struggling to breath at a normal pace. I want to throw up and go to sleep all at the same time. My jaw is tight with tension and work is the last place I want to be. I don't think there is anything in Linda's book that can help me now. I have prayed many thanks to God for sparing us and everyone else from something that could have been so tragic, however I cannot stop replaying those moments in my head. It's eating away at me and I just want to cry.

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