Monday, March 21, 2011

Death of a Mole


As you can see, this is an old photo of me and my sis in law Martha enjoying some Stole Dole's. YUM! This the ONLY photo I could find that had a rather clear view of the giant mole I have had on my neck for 26 years. See it? Just where my hair length ends is a big black mole. Welllllll on Friday my son's lil fingers got curious and nearly yanked the thing off! It was bleeding and irritated all weekend. I decided it was time to get it off before Logan did it himself and here is what I look like today. Please note that I have done next to nothing and have no make up and am a total frump:
It's gone. :( My mole, which I'd never named or given much thought to, is now gone. I considered it my one and only beauty mark and actually liked it when I did happen to notice it's presence. Now it's in a plastic cup being sent to pathology to confirm that we already know it's benign, just to be safe.

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