Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 31; Day 9 Virtues

>What virtues do I value in myself?

This is one of those questions that are hard to answer because it is hard to dig deep into oneself to figure out all the positive things that others see. It's so much easier to pick apart the things we don't like, the things that make us cringe when we act or say something that is so out of character. So I'll go ahead and dig deep here:

  • Honesty/Integrity: (in my mind, these two go hand in hand) I am an extremely honest person, to a fault sometimes. And I don't mean that I will say something very bluntly, I mean that I am honest about who I am and what I believe. For example, since we have had the house under contract we have been showing the property off to a few of our family members. The first time, our realtor gave us the code to get the key, which is a big no-no. So I was freaking out that we would get caught. Well yesterday we were taking my parents over there and I told B that I was worried people would report intruders and my dad said, "Sarah, just tell them it's part of your inspection." B then started joking around about how I just can't lie about something like that. Thankfully, nothing happened and all is well. There is a small chance I would have gone with that story, but we'll never know, will we?? ;)
  • Loyalty: I am so incredibly loyal to my family and friends. I have been hurt a few times because my loyalty causes me to fall hard and fast for people. I don't mean "in love", I just mean that feeling you get when you make a new friend and it seems super awesome and special, whether it's for 1 year or 1 month. I am the one always calling the long distance friends to keep in touch and sending out picture updates. I have tried to go a few months without saying anything but these friendships are way too important to me.

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