Monday, April 13, 2009

>All You Need to know...

>Short and sweet:

1. First and foremost, April over at is having a saaaaa-wweeeeeetttt giveaway. Check her out! Her blog is so cute and fun. I love reading up on her!

2. Friday was a day full of family drama that I will not be sharing here. All you need to know is that it has since resolved and we are happy again. *big grin*

3. Saturday I woke up early, thinking I was going to have telephone training for a mini job that I will be partaking in here soon. More details to come... But the training needed to be rescheduled so...there. I was awake. So B and I got up and hauled our behinds over to the apt. complex he have had our eyes on now for two months. We gave our awesome lady the go-ahead and yay! We are moving May 16th!!

4. We spent the rest of Saturday just hanging out and I later went and had dinner with my parents. Always nice.

5. Sunday we were up bright and early for church at 8 and then headed to where I work for a lovely brunch with the fam. Both events were very nice. Then B and I headed to D-town and spent the day with MIL. She had my parents and a whole slue of other family over for an Easter dinner that was sooooo yummy! I am still full from all the food we ate! Also, there were FIVE dogs there. Crazy-town!

6. The evening was nice once folks headed home. B and I had a great chat all alone about the things that are coming up and brought us that much closer.

7. Today, I went to a fabric store with MIL and we ordered a pattern for some window benches we are going to make for the two bay windows that are in our apt. Pics to come later!

Overall, I great weekend with lots of fun, food and family. I would not have wanted it any other way. Thank you, Jesus!

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