Wednesday, April 15, 2009

>Playboy Bunny Giveaway!!

>The giveaway you have been pinning over is FINALLY HERE!! Really, I get on your racing shoes because this is gonna be a doozy! Here is the super cute, super sexy prize!

{Playboy Bunny Snow Hat. Cream-colored with gold bunny threading and braided tassels}
How stinking cute is this?? I know that it is almost summer, but I love getting winter clearance items in the spring so I have something cute to look forward to next winter.
The hubs got me a very cute pink one for Christmas. I didn't put put it on all the way because I did not want to ruin my hair. ;)

 So, you want as many chances as possible to win?? Here is what you do...
* Leave a comment and follow me (if you already follow, please note that) 1 entry
* Post announcement of my giveaway on your blog AND link to this post (be sure to note that you did this in your comment). 2 entries
* Now, tell me something sexy! This is a Playboy Bunny Hat that, I must say, is very warm and comfy and still makes you look like that super HOT ski bunny on the slopes. So, tell me something about yourself that is Playboy-esk. It could be anything from, "Hey! I met The Girls Next Door!" to a bunny tat, or something more. Whatever! No holds bar here! Make it juicy, if you must. Have fun! 2 entries
That means you have the opportunity to have FIVE entries. Good luck!!

This giveaway will close on Monday, May 4th (the day we get back from Cabo. This way, everyone will have a great chance to enter).

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