Thursday, April 9, 2009

>Happy As A...yeah, you get it. HAPPY!

>Thank you for your prayers! Seriously, this week has been great and I even feel great. I told B last night that I was so happy, content, excited. Nothing was in my mental path, gnawing at my insides and telling me to freak out or worry about something. NOTHING! I worked both Monday and Tuesday and both days were drama free! I had yesterday off so B and I decided to pick out the apartment we want in the complex we have had our eyes on. This decision has been 2 months in the making and it is a HUGE step for us. We are wanting to move into a place that we can see ourselves in for a few years and this really seems the place to be. I could feel God pulling us in the direction, but if you know me at all, I still needed to see what other "fish" were out in the sea. I found a place online that looked and sounded great, even though it was out of our price range. We were so excited to see and and even drove by it in the morning before our appointment. Come 4:30, we walk in and all hope and excitement is left on the door step, or even further away in the car with the dogs. The please was A DUMP! It was so nasty and not well-cared for! Nothing was clean, boxes and clothes were strewn everywhere! I know that the process of moving is stressful, but they had plenty of time to clean up a little! EEeeewww! So, needless to say we were instantly turned off and God said, "Now stop looking and trust me! This place you have picked out is THE ONE!" Okay, fine. ;)

B had to work the lunch shift and I took the time to take a nap, read a book, clean the kitchen, and play with the dogs. The day was beautiful and warm! Today it is a little cooler, but the sun is still shinning. I can't wait for Easter! We are going to have a huge family get together in Denver and I can't wait! I also will have a glass of wine--or two--as my Lent will be over! HAve a great day!

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