Monday, April 6, 2009

>Contest Coming Soon....

>It's true! I am getting ready to launch my FIRST EVER contest and it need to totally rock. Since B and I are POOR AS DIRT right now, you will lovingly receive something that has been with us for some time now...what that is...not sure yet. But, I guarentee it will be fabulous! We are moving in a month or so and over the next few weeks I will be putting something awesome together.

In other news, oh yeah, HEY, we're moving! Haha, can't wait to get out of the ground! I know this will take me out of the rut I am in, even with work stuff. You know how sometimes just the place you live in or the people you live with can affect your ENTIRE attitued? Well, hey, that would be yours truely! I will be WAY more fun here in a month, promise.

PLEASE keep praying for Stellan. His button is at the top of my page. Poor guy is hanging in there I know he will get through this--pray for answers soon!

Did you know that I wear a uniform to work? Well, it is so disgracefull that I am ashamed to even post a pick (going off to find one....)....the uniform is so terrible that they DISCONTINUED the line we wear! HORRAY! Also, the internet could not even come close to representing how "Mrs. Doubtfire" our uniform is. And yes, someone has said that to me, on a number of occasions by a number of people and no, I DO NOT wear this dreaded thing out of my house. Eeww.

Have a fab night.

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