Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last Update Before Cabo!

Hello everyone!!

The last week has been very busy for us over on the Front Range. Brendan has been working very hard, learning all the ropes of Aflac (an insurance company), and patiently awaiting his official insurance license so he can start selling insurance to businesses in town.

Work at the retirement home as taken an interesting turn. We have been dealing with a flu outbreak over the last week with nearly 20 people, residents and employees, coming down with this illness. Our building has been bleached until our noses bleed, the restaurant is closed, activities and transportation have been canceled. I am doing everything I can to ensure that I don't become ill. Brendan and I are leaving for Cabo in four days and we can't wait! That being said, there will not be any updates for over a week. But be sure to check back around May 6th with pictures and a message about our vacation. This is our official honeymoon and we could not be happier to be taking this trip now. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a great week!

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