Saturday, April 25, 2009

>This is Amusing...

>1. I have been watching MckMama's site counter all day. She is almost up to 10,000,000 and has promised a nice shout out to whomever can be the 10,000,000th visitor, snap a photo, and send it to her. Now, I know that my chances are slim to non, but my husband is working, our bags are packed and I really have nothing better to do.

2. 17 Again is so not worth your money. Save it for a free redbox rental. Seriously, Zach Effron is lovely to look at, but eye candy is really all you get out of this silly, predictable flick.

3. I noticed that most of you are enjoying nice weather today and here is what I have come to find out: whenever it is nice where you are, it is crappy here (rain or snow) and whenever it is crappy where you are, it is lovely, pleasant weather here. For example, today is rainy and cold, while the entire week was beautiful! Above 70s, light breezes, even a little sun on my skin. It was great! And now, I am back in a hoodie, jeans, and socks (I hate socks!).

4. I cannot believe that I will be in Cabo in less than 48 hours. Like, on the beach, enjoying a beer and that crab I mentioned earlier, sans socks (not even packing one pair!) with sand and salty in between my toes. Remember when I talked about firsts? Well, TWO of those will be marked off the list: Flying with B for the first time AND going out of the country with him. We are so stinking excited!! I have butterflies in my stomach!!

5. I am still a sucker for CSI on demand.

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