Thursday, May 16, 2013

Story of a Girl

This is the story of a girl...

  • Born and raised in Colorado, a true native here!
  • Lived all over the state from Denver to Steamboat, Grand Junction to Fort Collins. I've visited Southern Colorado (Pueblo, Mesa Verde, West Cliff).
  • Skier since age 3.
  • Big sister.
  • Wanted to be a vet most of my life until age 15.
  • Went to college for a business degree, graduated with an English degree, and am back in school for nursing!
  • My parents are still happily married! Almost 32 years and going strong.
  • I was mostly a wallflower in high school; no sports, no clubs...just academics.
  • Married B at 24, mom at 25, homeowner at 27.
Life is good!

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  1. hi! I just discovered your blog through the link up at Harvesting Kale, and I loved it enough (instantly) to become a new follower. I remember those exciting pre-baby preggo days like they were yesterday. :)
    My husband and I were married in Colorado Springs, when we were stationed at Fort Carson. And as a child, we also lived in Boulder.


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