Wednesday, May 15, 2013

39 weeks!

How big is baby: At least 6 pounds.

Weight gain/loss: Lost 4 pounds last week, so still 40.

Stretch marks: Just a few from last time on my upper legs/hips.

Sleep: Non-existant. A true reflection of what's to come! I sleep in 2-3 hours spurts, if I'm lucky, and am awoken every night by strong contractions and sometimes a lovely migraine.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Burgers! The weather has been so incredible so B has been grilling.

Labor signs: I thought last night was going to be "THE night" but alas, nothing today.

Movement: Very active at night, mellow most of the day.

What I'm loving: Not working!

Symptoms: Everything. You name it, I've got it.

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting this baby!! I have an apt on Friday morning so hopefully we will learn something positive.

I am a emotional, hormonal mess.The false/practice/early labor is making me crazy. So I got out of the house today, had a yummy Starbucks drink (NEVER happens), lunch and found some summer clothes for Logan. Tomorrow I hope to wake up more positive and get out again.


  1. I keep checking your blog, hoping to see the fresh face of squishy baby! I'm so excited for you :)

  2. Im 36 weeks and I seriously can not wait for my little guy to get here (we have a 5 year old little girl) ... Im pretty nervous about having 2 kids but Im very excited to have a little mommas boy :) Good luck with everything!

  3. That's so exciting! My sister-in-law is expecting too so I'm familiar with hearing these exciting stories! :) I hope baby comes quickly for you! :)


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