Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day

I barely slept the night before (see previous post).

Logan slept in until 815!

B dashed off to work a little late.

Logan and I watched Tom and Jerry in bed.

Then we went to church.

He played in the nursery and snuggled on my belly.

I was prayed over in church.

We went home and ate PB&Js, then Logan checked on the baby.

We tried (I TRIED) to nap; Logan decided to party instead.

We took a ride around the block. He stopped half way around and ran back inside to get Muno (Yo Gabba Gabba).

It was a lovely, sunny 80* and this very pregnant mama was sweltering!

Logan played outside in the freshly cleaned up back yard (thanks to B) and I listened to some lovely tunes on our new to us love seat just inside the back door.

B came home from work and we went over to my parents condo for dinner and Survivor.

Logan asked us to go to bed around 730 so he crashed on the floor in their room.

We all rooted for Cochran to win; he did!

I had contractions all evening, as usual, to no avail. 

We came home and B gave me a awesome foot massage, focusing on pressure points, and I was ready to pass out!

I slept great.

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