Sunday, May 19, 2013

oh dear...embarrassment

Oh man. Sharing my most embarrassing moment? That's a tough one. I think I embarrass myself regularly but not in the I-need-to-hide-under-a-rock kind of way. I shake it off, laugh and move on. HOWEVER, there is one time in particular where I really wished I had been able to crawl up under a rock and pretend nothing had happened. (total TMI--turn away now if you don't care to know)

One of those pregnancy and post baby things that NO ONE seemed to mention was how little control you have of your bladder. Sure it gets worse through pregnancy, but I never actually felt like it was that bad. It was like jumping on a trampoline before going to the bathroom--you stop, pee, and carry on. Well being that Logan was a posterior sunny side up baby, he did quite a number on the area down there and controlling my bladder was nearly impossible for the first week or so. Big deal. I was dealing with everything else post birth and I just rolled with it. 

That is, until my 6 week post partum visit. I was still having a few leaky issues, but nothing too bad and I really just assumed that was normal (it is). So as I was getting ready to have a check up with my OB, I lost my bladder. There was no stopping it and I just started bawling because I felt so humiliated and embarrassed that I could not do a basic human thing--control your bladder! The office was ill-prepared (weirdly) for something like that. No chucks in sight. B was being so sweet and helping me out and my OB really made no comment about it. Didn't ask me if it was always like that or how I could improve those pelvic floor muscles. I had to get all that advice from some close mama friends and google. That is not at all how it should be. Even my midwives have warned me that it could happen again. I'm prepared this time. I know what to expect, but heck, that was by far one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. Le sigh.


  1. Hi, Sarah! Thanks so much for the follow! And CONGRATS on your pregnancy! So exciting that you are SO close! I also totally know what you mean about bladder control after pregnancy. It was definitely one of those things that I didn't know a whole lot about until I experienced it myself! It doesn't help with all of those extra hormones making us extra sensitive! :) I can't wait to see pictures of your newest little one!

  2. If it makes you feel better -I am STILL having bladder control issues and aydan is 2.5! I even went to a vagina physical therapist (YES-they exists!)... Long story short-I leak all the time and have to wear a pad. I'm a old lady...


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