Thursday, May 30, 2013

Currently...10 Days Old!!

Miss Evelyn is 10 days old!! The tee she is wearing here was mine when I was a newborn! I love some of the awesome vintage things my mom saved that were both mine and even hers as infants. Here are some random randoms...I keep remembering certain things about her birth and the first few days and I don't want to forget them...

  • She weighs 7.4 pounds and is 19 and 1/2 inches long!
  • Eats 2-3oz at a time.
  • Evie is so incredibly calm. Today is the most she has cried from gas bubbles and it wasn't even that much. When she wakes for a feeding, she just makes some grunting sounds and I do my best to feed her before she has a chance to cry.
  • She's a night owl...girlfriend likes to hang out with her daddy after I go to bed.
  • I'm still in absolute disbelief that she came out of me without any drugs! Okay so I had a few doses of fentenyl but if you know anything about the drug, you know it really doesn't do much other than make you feel loopy for all of 5 minutes. It wares off quickly and does NOTHING for pain. Thanks to no drugs and a very quick delivery, I have had an awesome recovery, physically. This has been night and day in comparison to my delivery of Logan and I am SO grateful.
  • HOWEVER, I woke up with a stiff neck and a massive migraine today. No bueno.
  • I'm starting to get a little bit more sleep. Last night I had 2 hour stretches between feedings/pumping.
  • I've lost 16 pounds so far!
  • Logan is in love! He played with his sister this morning before he went to school, though he has been in quite a funk. We are all still adjusting and he is no different. We are trying to give him extra love and attention.
  • We had our newborn photo shoot yesterday! Which may be the cause of my migraine....but it was so much fun! Here is a little teaser:


  1. she sounds like a dream baby! And that tee is the CUTEST! I'm glad you're recovering well- no meds will do that :) way to go, mama! my littlest was up every 2 hours last night because he had a fever... it brought me back to his newbie days. I remember when I was actually EXCITED that he would sleep two hours between feedings. Last night, though... that pretty much killed me. He's 12 months and has only been waking 1-2x a night to nurse for several months now, so I'm out of practice!

  2. Sounds like everything is going really well! I'm happy to hear that you're recovering quickly (minus the stiff neck and migraine - worst).

  3. Evelyn is absolutely beautiful, congratulations! I hope you are getting lots of rest and pampering and that everyone is continuing to adjust to the new addition to your family. We are still adjusting to Loretta, haha, but it gets easier every day! xo


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