Wednesday, May 8, 2013


  • Just to have it documented, I am doing everything I can think of today to kick start labor. I have been having 2 full weeks now of prodormal labor (false/practice) and I KNOW my body is ready to rock and roll but the contractions just aren't kicking up in strength. Depending on what happens later today or tomorrow, I may or may not write about what I'm attempting. 
  • I started my maternity leave on Monday. Friday I saw my midwife to check on baby, just to make sure he/she was tolerating all of these contractions okay. Baby looked awesome, but the contractions keep on keeping on and it's just way too difficult to work through. Even as I was on a walk with the dogs yesterday I had to stop and lean on the fence through each contraction.
  • And I suck at writing daily posts. I don't even know why I try! lol So this is all for now.

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  1. You are so close mama!!! I am jealous I still have at least 10 weeks to go! Any day for you!!!!!!!!


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