Monday, May 6, 2013

31 days: Day 3

Describe your relationship with your spouse:

Wow...are there even words? I am so insanely in love with B. We both fell hard and fast for each other; the longer we're together the more I fall in love with him again. We've been together for just over 6 years now, celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this summer. Six years sounds like a long time, but it feels like a split second. We have had a rather spontaneous relationship: married after 18 months together, pregnant 9 months after we were married and parents just before a total of 3 years together. Since we became parents, we have had two family vacations, moved twice, bought a house and decided to have another baby. ALL that in just 6 years! I know others who have moved faster than we have in the having kids department, but this pace just seems to be how we roll.

One thing I love about our relationship is that we rarely ever fight. We both hate conflict, but are not going to be push overs either. We argue and discuss things and sometimes, it can get a little heated (and worse when I'm pregnant). But overall, our relationship is based on a massive commitment to communication. The more we communicate, the less likely we are to have miss understandings and conflicts. I've always been a talker; B not so much, however in our six years together we have been able to voice our concerns, joys, ect with open hearts.

B and I, we are best friends first. Though our relationship began quickly and continues to sail on the fast track, we never forget that we are each other's best friend. That alone makes our relationship more fun and comfortable. We joke around; I'm less sensitive to his sarcasm (most of the time) and he humors my weird quirks. We keep a balance of fun and function in our relationship.

It's hard to find more words to describe our relationship. It is ever-growing and changing. Pregnancy certainly throws a wrench into our lifestyle and even certain aspects of our relationship, however we do our best to keep the love alive. Last Friday night my parents offered to take Logan over night and just 24 hours alone with my B was so reviving for us both. We had so much fun watching an awesome movie (Room 237), eating amazing food (PF Changs), and talking about how much we love each other and how we cannot wait to see what being a family of 4 will be like. A fire was lit under us again and while pregnancy and a newborn shake things up, I know that with all we have, we will be just fine, even better.

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