Thursday, May 2, 2013

31 Things: Day 2

Explain 3 Legitimate Fears You Have

  1. Falling. So you won't ever catch me bungee jumping or sky diving...I get nervous just being in a Ferris wheel! The weirdest thing about this fear is that it developed after I had dream that I had fallen off the side of a cliff in the Black Canyon. We had just been there visiting as a family and after I had the dream, the fear stayed with me.
  2. Losing our house to fire. I am so hyper-aware of what it means to be a homeowner now. I am so thankful we bought a newer home, rather than trying to update a much older home with questionable electricity.
  3. Losing my kid in a crowd. This has happened before for what felt like an eternity and was more like a minute but I cannot even describe the panic than runs through your body when you can't see your kid right in front of you in a crowd of people. I felt like passing out and throwing up all at once. And for this reason, I will never be able to watch The Deep End of the Ocean ever again.

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