Saturday, May 18, 2013


Ahh. Advice. This is a tough subject. I am always willing to give advice if and when someone asks for it. None you asked for advice so my advice is:

Don't give out advice unless someone is seeking it. 

This is so true for moms. We are all filled with so much information and our own experiences about raising children and parenting that it feels almost impossible to not pass on all this wise advice we are filled with. Problem is, we all do things differently. I wrote a post wayyyy back about unsolicited advice in which I gave just that and I learned a big lesson: even if you don't intend to ruffle feathers, you will. And you have to be careful about how that advice is delivered. I try to not judge others. Sure there are things I raise an eyebrow to, but does it warrant some "advice" about how I disagree with what you're doing? Probably not. (unless you're leaving your small children UNATTENDED at home...yeah--skip advice and straight to a CPS report-). 

Even when someone is asking for advice (I see this a lot with several of my mama friends on FB), I still do my best to be gentle with my words and really, if I just can't muster something worth saying, then I don't say anything at all. Even though I may not be judging the thought or question, I may still have a totally different view or approach, one which may or may not make things work. So use desertion. 

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