Friday, May 17, 2013

For Anne...

Anne and I met via blogs almost 4 years ago! I'm not even sure when that happened exactly, but I know it was before I was pregnant with Logan (which was 4 years ago!) and when she and her husband were TTC. I added her to my prayer list, as I knew how deeply she desired to be a mama and the road was rough-going.

Then over 2 years ago our family made a trip out to Michigan for a week. Logan was 8 months old and on the evening we were supposed to meet at the hotel and *officially* meet for the first time, her son G decided to make his appearance right then and there! (not in the hotel, just the night we were supposed to meet). So we made plans to meet the following morning. I could not believe how willing she was to meet me after just having given birth! It was a short, but lovely visit. And since then we have kept in touch! She blogs over at The Makings of an Ostie Family. She just became a mama to a little girl and I must say that even though distance separates us, it is really awesome to have such a close mama friend who can give me the 411 on being mama to two kids! And a million other things. We talk almost every day and not just so she can check in to see if I've had a baby yet--she knows she will be one of the first people I text when REAL labor kicks in.

So thanks, Anne, for being one of my best friends!! Thanks to blogging and the 20th century version of pen pals. Love ya!

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