Sunday, May 12, 2013

On the Eve

10 minutes shy of my 3rd official Mothers Day and I cannot sleep. I can't find one comfortable position to lay in as my ribs are bruised and my pelvis is aching and I'm contracting every 7 minutes, as I have been all evening. B is sleeping soundly to my right and Logan is fast asleep in the basement. All week, whenever asked, he has confidently stated that yes, this baby is a girl. It's hard for me not to start swooning instantly over the thought of having a daughter so I just smile and say, "we shall see!" Literally any day now. 

Being a mother has been the greatest dream come true. The only thing I knew for certain as I grew up was that I was going to be a mother. Now my role as a mom is about to increase and I could not be more ready. I'd love to have a Mothers Day baby. In fact, I spent the last 20 minutes just praying for Gods timing and patience, while also encouraging some heavenly control to make that happen anytime in the next 24 hours. Hey, prayer is prayer so why not? :) 

I must also say that I have the most incredible mother. As I've grown up our relationship has only become stronger and even more so as I have joined the mom club with her. No one has better advice and love for me when it comes to being a parent and this is just one of those things that I would never have learned until the moment Logan was placed on my chest. I do not take what I have for granted, especially my own relationship with my mother. I pray every day that my kids and I will be just as close. 

One more mother in my life is my mother in law. B's mom is a gem. I know how rare it is for In laws to get along and I feel so blessed that I have such a lovely connection with her. She's another woman I can lean on and share with without any reservation. 

So on this (now) Mothers Day, I wish my mom and mother in law the greatest day of love. And I wish each of you amazing mamas the same. I am so happy to know many of you just through blogging. Being mothers truly does connect us in a way no other title can. Love you all!! Happy Mothers Day!!

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