Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog everyday? HA!

Yeah, I suck at that. I would be better if I just wrote and wrote and scheduled posts, but even that seems to be a feat. I noticed several of you lovely bloggers doing a "blog everyday in May" link up and so I'm really late to the party (what's new?!). I'm waiting for a baby and sometimes writing prompts are helpful and hugely distracting from what I'd really rather be doing (you know, snuggling a newborn). Reflecting on life and sharing it with you all is rewarding. So here we go!

I know a lot about....

Childbirth. That is no surprise to most of you who have even spent 5 minutes hanging around this blog space. The thing is, however, that when I'm in the thick of pregnancy and awaiting delivery, I seem to forget everything I know! It must be a mix of pregnancy brain and natural, human doubt that I really don't know anything at all! Truth is, I know way more than I am willing to give myself credit for right now, especially since I'm not only studying childbirth as a future profession but heck, I've done this before! I know what to expect and even more of what the unexpected could be. 

So how would I educate the masses quickly about childbirth? Easy. YOU need to educate yourself. Trying to conceive? Pregnant? Read read read! I cannot encourage women enough to read up, ask questions and learn everything they possibly can about the marathon they are about to embark on. Nothing drives my brain more batty than when I hear women say "Oh I don't need a class or to read--I'm just going to wing it and get some pain meds, no problem!" Those births, unfortunately  usually end up causing a lot of confusion for mom (complications, interventions, etc) that she had NO IDEA could happen. 

Bottom line, though, is that all women need to know that childbirth is nothing to fear. It's natural. Our bodies were created to give birth. ALL births are natural (even c-sections). Women should NEVER be judged for their birth choices and instead loved and supported through the process. 

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