Thursday, January 7, 2010

>36 weeks

How Far Along? 36 weeks and a few days
Total Weight Gained/Loss? I said it in a previous post-a lot
Maternity Clothes: the things that fit me a month ago are barely fitting me now. I am down to about 3-4 shirts, sweats, work pants and jeans.
Sleep? I wake up every time I roll over and pee maybe once or twice a night. My hips hurt after laying on one side to long.
Best Moment of the Week? spending a wonderful day with B on Monday.
Movement- lots, but very specific: he will kick off the right side near my ribs, his butt will move to the left of my belly button and I will get a swift head butt into my cervix. rinse and repeat.
Food Craving- breakfast!
Food aversions- none
Morning sickness?- none
Gender- Wolverine
Labor Signs- some BH about every 2-3 hours. Nothing to worry about. 75% effaced and +1 station, no dilation
Belly Button- out and popped WAY out last night when I sneezed
What I miss- a nice glass of wine with dinner
What I'm looking forward to- having this baby!! We are only 3.5 weeks away from my EDD!
Weekly Wisdom- Don't let what people say convince you of anything. Everyone keeps telling me I am going to go early and well, that is a possibility but I could stay this way PAST my due date so I am ignoring people now.
Milestones- The feet are officially stuck up by my ribs, rather than just nudging them. THAT, my friends, feels SO GOOD! *NOT!*

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