Monday, August 10, 2009

>1 Year Anniversary and 15 weeks!

Saturday, August 8, was our 1 year wedding anniversary! There was no post announcing this awesome milestone because we were off doing some of this:

Reading by the river...

Enjoying the scenery...

Setting up camp...

Fishing for nonalcoholic drinks for me...

Spending time eating and chatting with awesome friends...

Starting a fire to roast marshmallows...

Torching cigars with, none other, than a blow torch...

And watching our basket of items slide and spill not 10 minutes after I mentioned to B that it was rather precarious and that stops should come slowly...

Overall the trip was fun. We had never been camping with my best friend and her sweet boyfriend before and it was long overdue so we planned something fun for our anniversary. We went to a lake in Southeast Co and BAKED in the blistering heat and wind. That was the only downside to the weekend. Pregnant lady here cannot tolerate high heat. We made the best of it, of course. We played some games, swam in the river, took naps on the beach. Just the kind of weekend B and I both were needing.
We will be going out to a play soon, most likely the Wizard of Oz. My parents gave us tickets and we will celebrate with a romantic dinner as well. The past year has been the best year of our lives. I can speak for both of us because B told me so last night. ;) Sure there have been stressful times, but the great things outweigh the not so great things by ten times.
B's best moment was seeing our baby for the first time on the US and seeing the heartbeat flutter. Mine is when I actually held a positive pregnancy test and went out into the living room to show and tell B. I still remember the look on his face: priceless! It is very fitting that these moments are our favorites so far as we have both wanted to become parents for a long time, in God's timing, of course. We believe everything happens for a reason and this blessing of a babe is one of the best gifts God gives. Thank you Jesus!


This week's update is going to be without a picture. I am not feeling pictures right now, of me that is. I am not even sure that there is a difference from last week so here is a short update.
How far along? 15 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 3 still and yes, the docs are asking me to pack on the pounds so hello peanut butter, cheese, milk and meats.
Maternity clothes? I ruined my maternity pants in the dryer so I am off to the mall today with a gift card from my parents.

Stretch marks? no, but i also will be getting some cream to start applying to my belly

Sleep: Like a baby! Aside from our first night camping, I have been sleeping just great.

Best moment this week: B and I had a great date night last week.

Movement: Flutters here and there.

Food cravings:anything sugary. cupcakes, candy, circus cookies. yum!!

Gender: still feeling like its a girl, although sometimes i switch.

Labor Signs: no way.

Belly Button in or out? in

What I miss: alcohol. hanging out with all my best friends and they get to drink and I don't? torture! so I tortured myself more by smelling their drinks.

What I am looking forward to: My prenatal class starts on Wednesday!!

Weekly Wisdom: Pregnant camping, even early on, is not as easy as it sounds. Even with an air mattress, my hips and joints were so sore!

Milestones: More frequent flutters!

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